Bitcoin Price Image Generator

The bitcoin price image generator is a simple tool that creates a dynamic image of a price in BTC, based on a fixed USD price. The resulting image can be embedded in a forum post, for example, and it will always show an up-to-date BTC equivalent price. This is useful when you want to show a price for something in BTC, but you want the price to be pinned to a USD value (and not have to update your post every day as the BTC/USD exchange rate fluctuates). This tool relies on the global weighted average from BitcoinAverage.

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Source available on GitHub.

The advanced version of the tool allows for a choice of currency (BTC or LTC for now). Read about it below.


Simply build a URL of the form:<price_in_usd>

Where <price_in_usd> is the price you want in USD.

You can also add an optional color argument to change the color of the text:<price_in_usd>/<color>

The color code should be an html-like hex code (for white: ffffff or fff or simply f). See wikipedia for more info. The background of the image will be transparent.


Say you want to sell an item for $10. You can generate an image using:

Which will yield the image:

If you want to change the color (to more closely match the text in your forum post, for example), use:

Which yields:

You can then embed the image in your post using that URL. In BBCode, this would be:


Advanced Version

The advanced version is available to allow changing the display currency, and allow for fancier options in the future. The URL format is of the form:<price>&currency=<currency>&color=<color>



Balance Checker

An additional tool allows you to check the balance of any bitcoin address using the API from Simply build a URL of the form:<address>/<color>

As in the basic version above, the color argument is optional and accepts html-like hex codes.


by Ford Hurley (122LV3CNADj1yHU2tFPEhcCWR5QbfMzNcm)